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All designs and images on this website are copyright 1999-2014 Karen Seymour

Copying without permission is theft and smudges your soul even if the Feds don't come after you. If you wish to use one of my designs, images or essays for something, please ask for written permission.

Fellow Glass Artists: It takes me hours, sometime years, to create each design. If you like the copyrighted designs you see on this site, please buy the pattern in scalable PDF format so you can print it from your own computer. It will save you time, avoid that messy carbon tracing or copy center cost and keep your conscience clean. Plus it encourages me to post new designs and publish another book (since I self publish, each book is an up-front cost of nearly $10,000).

For further information contact me at 206-525-1577 between 9am and 8pm Pacific time or
email: karen (you know how to punctuate at here but the auto-spammers don't) Be sure to put stained glass in the subject or it may be lost in the spam
or write:
Karen Seymour, Seymour Stained Glass, 5415 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103 USA