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Koi Pond

30" square, glass on glass applique,
balcony-height powder-coated cast alumium base


Heron on glass blocks

Glass appliqued to recycled 8" glass blocks.
56" high x 40" wide si about $2,000
Design can be expanded to fit space.



over 100 hand-cut pieces are fused
and slumped to make this 15.5"
crow grabbing the reflection of the
moon (from an old fable) $575


Koi Pond

42" round, glass on glass applique,
powder-coated steel base $1700



Morning Dance

26"x48" glass on glass applique,
coffee table height oak frame by Geoff Carson
See it at The Wood Merchant in LaConnor WA



14" kilnworked with dichroic glass
for proper glimmer $330
add $60 for chain or stand


Lily Pond

20" round, glass on glass applique,
height depends upon chosen base



30" round glass-on-glass applique



16" square, glass-on-glass applique $295


Coral Reef

42" powder-coated steel


Red Crowned Crane

30" glass-on-glass applique $975



Beach, set of 4

16" square, glass-on-glass applique Add function and decoration
to your pool or beach cabin, $275 ea, $950 set



Each signed and numbered piece is handmade by me to my own design, often using one-of-a-kind sheets of glass. Pieces without prices have been sold.
If an art piece shown here has been sold I can often make something similar within a few months but no two peces will be the exactly the same.

See new work in progress at page)

Frequently asked questions about care etc.

all text, images and designs copyright Karen Seymour, 1999-2016

Fellow artists: If you'd like to make something you see on this site,
please buy the pattern instead of just illegally copying my designs.

It will save you time and it encourages me to post new work.

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DIY Books etc. FAQs, etc. Facebook Gallery